Stacey McCoy, owner and operator of Allison Creek Farm, is a well-respected regional trainer and horsewoman. Her competence, humble patience and passion for safe, happy, and healthy partnerships between rider and horse and have earned her a loyal following.

No matter a horse’s level of training, Stacey McCoy possesses the patience, knowledge, and natural instinct to meet each horse at the level of which they are capable and guide them to meet their owner’s needs and requests.

While Stacey has been training professionally for 6 years, she started horse training at an early age. Growing up in rural Nebraska, at age 6 she was training her older sister’s horse to “come get her” from the fence. She’d wrangle the saddle to the top of the fence, convince the mare to align with the fence, and (hopefully) stand quietly while she throw her pony saddle on and climbed on. Her sister, Deb, encouraged Stacey’s passion for horses by sending horsemanship training and horse well-being books home for her little sister to read. Deb also provided Stacey with her first horse to train at the age of 16, a QH mare named Lou. The backyard horsemanship she learned from her father and sisters gifted Stacey with an amazing instinct for understanding horses on a fundamental level.

Stacey married her husband in 1984. She met Mike when they were both MP’s (Military Police) in the Army, and together they raised three children whom blessed them with many grandchildren. The patience she learned as a mother and grandmother has become an asset to her horse training. Stacey’s customers express over and over their gratitude over her ungodly patience as she helps horse and human figure out how to navigate this world together.


dsc_0125The McCoy’s bought a patch of land in 2001 and began building Allison Creek Farm where Stacey passed the family horse tradition to her daughters. Stacey continued to develop her horse training skills through horses bred on the farm, training her daughter’s horses, and even adopting and gentling a few BLM mustangs. She trained the two horses her daughters used as the local high school’s mascot.


In 2001, McCoy’s Denver Belle (daughter of 246974_476947292330017_1986706101_nStacey’s first training horse Lou) foaled Silent Poco Sunday, a buttermilk dun QH stud colt with a fantastic personality.  Better known as Winston, Stacey and him were a great pair. Together they won the National Foundation Quarter Horse Foundation’s Novice Versatility Championship when Winston was a five year old. They quickly followed this with a championship winning ride in the Extreme Cowboy Race Association Regional Non-Pro Championship. In 2006 Stacey decided to start training horses professionally, and won the EXCA Regional Pro Championship on Winston.

As a professional horse trainer Stacey has focused her energy on helping horses and people gain confidence both in themselves and each other as partners. Her horse training program has bi-weekly lessons built into it, helping ensure the horse and rider can communicate and go on to happier, safer lives.

Stacey offers lessons at $65/hour/rider. She occasionally offers clinics and will travel off-site to give lessons. For more information, please contact her at or 706.318.5827.

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