Our goal is for all horse and rider teams to have the tools they need to communicate and build trust. Our training philosophy is built around cornerstones of patience, relaxation, and good old honest work. All training plans are designed around the needs of the horse and/or rider. We can help your unbacked horse accept a rider’s weight, give a tune up to your seasoned partner that is returning to work, or give your horse confidence on the trail. We have an active breeding program producing trail horses, and have the knowledge to give your weanlings ground manners without over-stressing them.



Our training is sold in monthly packages. We will work towards softening the poll and face, increasing your horse’s confidence, and turning your horse into a more willing partner for you to enjoy on the trails or in the show ring. Our training program often includes working in the round pen and arena, trail riding and obstacle course; we can even help you in the show ring. Trailer loading, feet handling, and obstacle negotiation are all part of the program. Optional weekly lessons with you and your horse are built into our training program to ensure prolonged success after the horse completes the program.

One month of training is $1,000.00. Board is an additional $300 per month.

Training space is limited to ensure that each horse receives the time and attention they require. 

Contact us:

Stacey@allisoncreekfarm.com or cell 706.318.5827

Amanda@allisoncreekfarm.com or cell 706.338.1358

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