Are you frustrated with your horse’s disrespectful attitude? Lack of discipline?Lack of Knowledge? Are you short on time that is required to train your horse in order to achieve a willing equine partner? Possibly you have a youngster that is ready to start under saddle? Or a foal that is ready to be weaned and needs to learn ground manners?

Over a comprehensive four to six week period, Stacey will work towards softening the poll and face, increasing your horse’s confidence, and turning your horse into a more willing partner for you to enjoy on the trails or in the show ring. The Training Program will take your horse from the round pen to the trails, to the obstacle course and the show ring. Stacey works on teaching horses to walk, trot, and canter on a loose rein in the arena, on the trail and out in the open. Trailer loading, feet handling, and obstacle negotiation are all part of the program.

Four weeks training is $ 1,300.00 including board

Six weeks training is $ 1,950. 00 including board

Optional lessons with you and your horse are built into Stacey’s training program to ensure prolonged success after the horse completes the program.


Training space is limited to ensure that each horse receives the time and attention they require. Call 706-318-5827 or email Stacey with questions or to schedule your horse for training.

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