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SOLD Shadows Premium Blend 2008 Smokey Palomino Missouri Fox Trotter gelding

Shadows Premium Blend, a 2008 registered Missouri Fox Trotter.  ‘Premium’ is an smokey palomino gelding offered for sale at $6500.00. He is 14.2 tall, but he thinks he is taller. Premium is gaited and his color is phenomenal.  You really need to see this horse in person to appreciate him.

Premium spent 30 days this spring in Stacey McCoy’s advanced training program with outstanding results. Then he spent the summer carrying his owner over miles and miles of trails. He is honest and willing on the trail, though a little fast as many gaited horses are. He is familiar with water crossings and bridges.

Premium ties, stands, clips, and loads. He is sound and well-mannered.


Jackson 3YO smokey buckskin QH gelding

“Jackson” is a 14.3hh  buckskin. He is 3 years old and is a registered Quarter Horse.

Jackson is currently in a training program with 30 days completed. He has a very forward walk, nice trot and canter. Jackson is athletic and could go in any direction you like. He would make a great hunter pony or a trail horse.  He is very quiet on the trails and calm around traffic, crosses water, bridges, etc. Stands for farrier, grooming, etc.

Asking $6500. More information, pictures, and video will be uploaded shortly.

Soapy 6YO Dapple Grey QH gelding

“Soapy” is quite the looker! He is a very stout 16.2hh and is a stunning dapple grey gelding. He is a registered Quarter Horse.

Soapy is green, with consistent walk/trot and some canter under saddle. He is extremely athletic and needs a rider who will put him to work. He has good ground manners and stands for grooming, bathing, and picks up feet, etc.

Asking $2500. More information, pictures, and video will be uploaded shortly.

Superman 6YO 15.1 Black TWH gelding

Superman is a solid black 6 YO Registered Tennessee Walking Horse offered at $4000. This gelding stands very nicely built at 15.1hh. He has a more stocky build than most TWH we see, and is well muscled to carry you over whatever terrain you want. He is naturally gaited, and his gaits are smooth and easy to ride at any speed you choose. He will happily walk all day if that is what you want to do, but also can get his energy up for a spirited ride if you change your mind! We mostly ride non-gaited horses here but have really enjoyed working with Superman, he is quite the character.

Superman has been in Stacey’s training program for 60 days, and has a solid foundation. He has been ridden extensively on the trails and does well. He is barefoot and remains sound despite the heavy work of the last few months.  He has come far since he started with Stacey, gaining confidence every day.

He is extremely affectionate and really enjoys human interactions. He is sensitive, paying close attention to his human, wanting to please which makes grooming  him enjoyable. Superman has lovely ground manners and really is a sweet horse.  But being a sensitive horse, he is not quite ready for a beginner. His current owner was hoping to use him for police work, but decided Superman wasn’t going to cut it as a police mount, so we are helping her sell him.


Avi – 14.2h 6YO Paint gelding

Avi is an 6 year old chestnut and white grade paint gelding offered for sale at $5000. He is 14.2. He has 3 fantastic gaits and has been in a balancing and topline building exercise program since last fall. This rehab was needed due to being ridden hollow, not due to any injury. He going well under saddle, moving nicely off the leg, and lateral movements introduced 3 weeks ago and he is starting to understand the lateral cues.

This gelding is very forward with a 10 walk, tracking up in the trot, and an easy to ride canter.  He has good conformation, beautiful feet, and the vet said “nice mouth” during his recent dental. After a warm-up he seeks contact in the bit consistently at the walk, and starting to look for it at the trot.

Avi has a solid foundation and is ready, willing, and able to settle into whichever discipline you choose.  His gaits are pretty and have enough suspension that he would make a nice dressage pony or hunter. He is relatively unflappable on the trail, and very sure footed. His canter is very smooth and easy. Avi has had plenty of trail miles, and he would make a heckova trail horse. Out on the trail he is a brave boy, riding well alone or with a group. He spooks in place, and takes care of his rider.

Despite his crabby ears, I have found that he actually loves work and tries hard for me. He greets me when I come to the gate and follows me around the barn yard. We have spent many hours lunging, stretching Working In Hand, doing hill work, and teaching him to look for the contact. He has really come around and is seeking the bit more and more now that he finally has the muscle structure to carry himself.  He feels really fantastic under me these days – light, balanced, and strong. If he had a little more size on him, I would keep him for an event prospect. He has been introduced to jumping and really likes it. He would make a great foxhunting mount as he is incredibly surefooted.

Avi has learned some excellent ground manners since last fall, but he is not the horse for a beginner or timid amateur. I will happily give a few lessons to introduce you to him, he is a great little mount, with a fun personality.

To meet Avi or request a video, please email or call 706/338.1358.

Getting Ready for Riding Weather Clinic with Stacey McCoy

Join Stacey McCoy of Allison Creek Farm for a clinic to get yourself and your horse ready for the approaching warm weather. It is almost time to be hitting the trail regularly! We all need a little confidence boost to build trust  and communication with our equine partners! Participation is full!  If you would like to be on the waiting list, please fill out the registration and we will notify you in the event of a cancellation. Auditing is free!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

  • 9am – Tack and Gear workshop with local leathersmith Susan Akins. Everyone knows that one of the fundamentals of horseback riding is having safe, practical, usable tack (a little bling never hurts though, right!?) We will walk through how to how to clean and inspect tack for safety and usability.
  • 10:30am – 2 hour clinic. Focus of the clinic is building seat aids and balance. The purpose is to improve confidence through the keystone aids of the seat. We will start with a little ground work then work through some grids focusing on trot-canter transitions.
  • 12:30pm lunch – Please bring your own lunch. We will be discussing knots during lunch.
  • After lunch we will be out on the confidence course until 4pm. Stacey will be present to help you and your horse work through your questions.

Dr. Dana Peroni of Covered Bridge Equine has agreed to join us in the afternoon perform chiropractic adjustments for horses. Cost is $100 per horse and your horse will need to rest after it’s adjustment. Due to the physical nature of the job, she can only adjust 6 horses. Space is limited! Please indicate on your registration if you want to sign your horse up for an adjustment.

We are talking to Dr. Bryan Hooper of Eastside Chiropractic about joining us to perform chiropractic adjustments for humans!! Let us know if you are interested, and so we can get back to him with a number.

Jennifer Elder will be joining us to take photos! Thank you Susan, Dr. Peroni, Jennifer (and hopefully Dr. Hooper!) for joining Stacey to make this a fun and informative event.

Please complete the online registration below via Google Forms. After your registration is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with more information about the clinic and how to pay the fees.

Registration for 2017 Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge Series

Use this form to register for 2017 Ultimate Horsemanship Challenges at Allison Creek Farm and Mulberry River Farm.

Please fill out one form per rider.

Registration is complete upon receipt of payment. Be sure to indicate rider’s name and date you want to register for! Options for payment:

  2. Send a check to Allison Creek Farm.

2017 Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge Series

The Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge is a fun-spirited, family oriented competition where horse and rider teams complete obstacles and are judged on horsemanship, confidence, trust, and communication. The sport is designed to promote community and camaraderie with special attention to the mental and physical health of our horses.

To learn more about Allison Creek Farm’s Ultimate Horsemanship Challenge – click this link!

2017 Challenge dates (third Saturday of the month) and locations:

  • March 18th – Allison Creek Farm
  • April 15th – Mulberry River Farm (scroll for address)
  • May 20th – Allison Creek Farm
  • June 17th – Mulberry River Farm
  • September 16th – Allison Creek Farm

At 8am registration opens

At 9am we walk the warm-up course with the judge. The first rider to start immediately following walk through with judge. Competition start time varies depending on number of entries in warm-up, we usually get to it around 11 or so.

Competition first, second, and third place win money (a percent of entry fees!).

  • Warm-up: $15 per rider
  • Competition: $35 per horse and rider combination

Allison Creek Farm address: 2131 Watson Springs Road, Watkinsville, GA 30677

Mulberry River Farm address: 437 Mulberry River Road, Winder, GA 30680

** Please note the October 21st event has been cancelled due to a family event.**