Avi – 14.2h 6YO Paint gelding

Avi is an 6 year old chestnut and white grade paint gelding offered for sale at $5000. He is 14.2. He has 3 fantastic gaits and has been in a balancing and topline building exercise program since last fall. This rehab was needed due to being ridden hollow, not due to any injury. He going well under saddle, moving nicely off the leg, and lateral movements introduced 3 weeks ago and he is starting to understand the lateral cues.

This gelding is very forward with a 10 walk, tracking up in the trot, and an easy to ride canter.  He has good conformation, beautiful feet, and the vet said “nice mouth” during his recent dental. After a warm-up he seeks contact in the bit consistently at the walk, and starting to look for it at the trot.

Avi has a solid foundation and is ready, willing, and able to settle into whichever discipline you choose.  His gaits are pretty and have enough suspension that he would make a nice dressage pony or hunter. He is relatively unflappable on the trail, and very sure footed. His canter is very smooth and easy. Avi has had plenty of trail miles, and he would make a heckova trail horse. Out on the trail he is a brave boy, riding well alone or with a group. He spooks in place, and takes care of his rider.

Despite his crabby ears, I have found that he actually loves work and tries hard for me. He greets me when I come to the gate and follows me around the barn yard. We have spent many hours lunging, stretching Working In Hand, doing hill work, and teaching him to look for the contact. He has really come around and is seeking the bit more and more now that he finally has the muscle structure to carry himself.  He feels really fantastic under me these days – light, balanced, and strong. If he had a little more size on him, I would keep him for an event prospect. He has been introduced to jumping and really likes it. He would make a great foxhunting mount as he is incredibly surefooted.

Avi has learned some excellent ground manners since last fall, but he is not the horse for a beginner or timid amateur. I will happily give a few lessons to introduce you to him, he is a great little mount, with a fun personality.

To meet Avi or request a video, please email Amanda@allisoncreekfarm.com or call 706/338.1358.

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